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Paolo Massimo Abrans

 Paolo Massimo Abrans Paolo Massimo Abrans
1 - Nature Morte - 50 cm x 35 cm 2 - Nature Morte (2) - 57 cm x 44 cm
Paolo Massimo Abrans Paolo Massimo Abrans
3 - Jonquilles - 39 cm x 63 cm 4 - ROSES - 50 cm x 40 cm

Paolo Massimo Abrans was borned in Livorno, 06/24/1952, where he lives and works.

His painting from part to private collections in Italy and abroad.

He is also author of a book of short stories entitled "osteria La Botteghina" and two novels entitled "l'Alibi e l'artista" and "1914"; in addition he has written a collection of poems entitled "Perché vadano perdute"

Many art and literary critic have taken an interest in him.